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About Procter & Gamble

P&G Professional leverages P&G’s scale, trusted brands, and strengths in market and consumer understanding to meet the specific business needs in a wide range of industries, such as foodservice, building cleaning and maintenance, education, hospitality, and care homes..

Key Challenges

  • Launch three hero P&G brands into the Australian market
  • Educate customers as to the features and benefits of P&G’s malodour system and how these products work in conjunction with incumbent air care systems
  • Find a cost effective freight solution for small value items throughout Australia
  • Create print and digital assets to support the brand

Key Successes Stories

  • Leveraging across our Wagen Brand Mann & Noble were able to introduce the Professional Air Care system into all of our hotel and aged care customers
  • Targeted and successful entered the serviced apartment market for the product range
  • Opening new channels in market segments not typically targeted in other countries where the product is distributed
  • Leveraged off best practice from other distributors and shared our experiences to assist with the worldwide growth of the Brand

Procter & Gamble Professional

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