The Mann&Noble – Sugar Baby Story

Managed Since2015
Market coverageWorldwide
OwnerPrivate individuals
ChannelsPharmacy; Department stores

About Sugar Baby

Lizie and Nicci Clifton are the dynamic-duo and sister team behind the SugarBaby beauty and lifestyle brand. A youthful love affair with Aussie beach culture and a genuine belief that all that glitters is gold was incentive enough for the sister team to set the wheels in motion to establish their own company. The energy of the waves as they sparkle and dance under a humid summer sun, along with balmy tropical evening breezes are the inspiration for their products. In an industry that is dominated by multi-nationals, the girls wanted ensure that they create products with life and soul to fill an untapped niche in the make-up and beauty market, coupled with fashion forward accessories to extend the brand into more lifestyle based products”

Key Challenges

  • After 10 years of building SugarBaby the girls wanted to expand the SugarBaby brand Globally and wanted to partner a company with the financial resources and global experts to make this a reality in as short a time as possible
  • The brand has had success overseas previously though had not been able to sustain it, therefore any growth strategy needed to be focused on ranging in either in one of the top 3 retailers in the country of launch to maintain a profitable and sustainable presence.  Such rangings are difficult to achieve by independent companies
  • Overseas sales result in sales tax implications as well as multi currency challenges which need to be managed,
  • Supply chain would be critical, as would financing the raw materials to make the products
  • Local regulatory requirements and approvals
  • Local packaging requirements
  • PR and social media campaigns in the country  

Key Successes Stories

  • Ranging for SugarBaby in Priceline within 1 month of taking over management of the account achieved by the Mann&Noble Lifestyle team
  • Establishment of a new market in and shipment to the UK through ranging of SugarBaby in Superdrug Pharmacies, the UKs second largest chain, within 3 months via our Mann&Noble Europe subsidiary
  • Establishment of a new market in and shipment to Turkey within 3 months of representing the brand to the country’s largest grocery retail
  • Design and repackaging of products to meet UK market specifications
  • US FDA approval achieved on selected products within 3 months of representing the brand to allow entry into the US market
  • Brand development to meet new country specifications and opportunities
  • 100% delivery on time in full
  • Negotiate with Superdrug that SugarBaby be used as a gift with purchase offering to Superdrug customers purchasing other Brands thereby increasing  the Brand awareness
  • Obtained significant coverage of Sugarbaby on both Priceline and Superdrug’s  internal Social media platforms to support the launch
  • Delivered significant growth to the Brand owners
  • Had lots of fun

Sugar Baby

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